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Withdraw cash from any Ithmaar ATM without any card

Yes, it’s now possible with Ithmaar Bank’s MobiCash. Simply send cash using Ithmaar’s online banking service to any Bahraini mobile number, and the receiver can get the cash from any Ithmaar Bank ATM with the MobiCash Code received via SMS.

Access to cash anywhere, with or without your wallet – isn’t it a great convenience? Experience the convenience on

  • Safest online banking
  • Large network of 39 ATMs in Bahrain

MobiCash FAQ:
  • What is MobiCash?
    MobiCash is a new, first of its kind money transfer service within the ATM network of Ithmaar Bank.
  • How can I get MobiCash service?
    All you need is a user ID for Ithmaar Bank’s e- banking service.
  • How does MobiCash work in brief?
    The MobiCash Sender (who should be an Ithmaar Bank customer with either an active current or saving account and e-banking service) simply adds the MobiCash Receiver to the MobiCash beneficiary list by using e-banking service. The MobiCash Sender then sends money to the MobiCash Receiver’s Bahraini mobile number. The MobiCash Receiver immediately gets an SMS with the MobiCash Reference Number and the Code. The MobiCash Receiver visits any Ithmaar Bank ATM and activates the MobiCash service on the ATM. After successfully entering all the details received via SMS , the MobiCash Receiver collects the cash.
FAQs for Sender
  • Is it mandatory to have an account with Ithmaar bank?
    Yes, the MobiCash transaction must be from an active Saving or Current account with sufficient balance.
  • How can I send cash via MobiCash?
    You can easily use e-banking to utilize this service. The service allows Ithmaar Bank customers to transfer funds easily and securely to any Bahraini mobile number. Ultimately, the Receiver will visit Ithmaar Bank’s nearest ATM and collect the transferred funds.
  • Do I have to subscribe for this service?
    No subscription needed. All Ithmaar Bank e-banking customers are enrolled automatically. All you need to do is to accept the Terms and Conditions.
  • Can I send to non Bahraini numbers?
    No, MobiCash service is available exclusively for Bahrain mobile numbers.
  • How much is the MobiCash fee?
    A BD 0.500 fee will be charged for each transaction.
  • Do you charge the receiver?
  • To whom can I send MobiCash?
    You can use MobiCash to send cash to your own mobile number or to any 3rd party.
  • Is the 3rd party restricted to Ithmaar customers only?
    No, it can be sent to any active Bahraini mobile number.
  • How many transactions can I do every day?
    You can do maximum five transactions per day.
  • How much can I send in one transaction?
    You can send up to BD100, in multiples of BD10, in one transaction.
  • Is there an expiry date for a MobiCash transaction?
    The transaction will be valid for three calendar days.
  • Is there a limit for the amount of a MobiCash transaction?
    Yes, the sender can make financial transactions of total values up to BD300 per day.
  • How many transactions can I send to the same number?
    Up to three transactions can be sent to the same number each day.
  • Can MobiCash be in other currencies other than BHD?
    No, only Bahraini Dinars is available.
  • Does my mobile number have to be registered with Ithmaar bank?
    Yes, you should have your mobile number registered to add beneficiaries.
  • What is the required information for the 3rd party transaction?
    Third party mobile numbers should be pre-registered in the Beneficiary maintenance page (beneficiaries list) which contains Name, Designation, Mobile number, CPR number, Date of Birth and Address.
  • Can I cancel the MobiCash transaction?
    The Sender can cancel a MobiCash transaction by clicking on the cancel button in the e-banking page before the Receiver collects the cash.
  • Can I resend a MobiCash code message to the receiver?
    Yes you can. If the receiver has lost access to the SMS for any reason, you can send a new code through the e-banking service under MobiCash transactions.
  • Are you blocking my account for the MobiCash amount till the Receiver collects the money?
    No, it is the sender’s responsibility to maintain sufficient balance .
  • When are you getting the MobiCash fee?
    BD 0.500 will be taken from the sender on the time of creating the MobiCash transaction from ebanking service.
  • Will it be charged if I resend the MobiCash code message?
    No, that will be free of charge.
  • Will the sender be charged other than BD 0.500 when he cancels the request even before the receiver gets the cash?
    No, that will be free of charge.
  • Who should I contact for further inquiries?
    Please contact the Ithmaar Bank Call Center on 13303030 for further details.
FAQs for Receiver
  • How can the Receiver know about MobiCash transaction?
    An immediate SMS will be sent to the Receiver to inform him/her to collect the cash.
  • When should the receiver expect to get the SMS?
    Instantly. Depending on mobile coverage, within 5 10 seconds.
  • What are the details in the message?
    The Receiver will get an SMS containing the name of the sender, amount, Reference Number and Code.
  • Where can I collect the cash?
    From any of Ithmaar Bank ATM machine. For the list of Ithmaar Bank ATMs, please Click Here .
  • What will happen to the MobiCash transaction if there is insufficient balance in the Sender’s account at the time of withdrawal?
    The MobiCash transaction will remain available until its expiry date; the Receiver should contact the Sender to replenish the account.
  • Can I withdraw the MobiCash from another bank’s ATM?
    No, MobiCash is exclusively available at Ithmaar Bank ATMs.
  • What happens after I enter a wrong code?
    The Receiver will have three attempts to enter correct MobiCash code, after which the Transaction will be permanently deleted. If that happens, the Receiver should refer to the Sender. The Sender should send a new MobiCash transaction.
  • Who should I contact for further inquiries?
    You can contact the Ithmaar Bank Call Center on 13303030 for further details.
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