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Internet banking allows you to access your accounts at the click of a button. Internet banking is a simple, secure and convenient way to manage your accounts.

All you need is a User ID and PIN, which can be obtained on the spot from any branch. Get up-to-the-minute updates on all your Ithmaar Bank accounts, credit cards and financing balances and keep track of all account activities.

Online banking allows you to access your account online, anytime, anywhere, just at a click of a mouse.

Online banking is an easy and secure way to do your banking. Get updated information on single as well as multiple accounts.  Check credit card statements and make credit card utility bills payments in real time.

Start Ithmaar Bank online banking today and explore the many benefits.  All you need is your CPR number and a password which you can get instantly from Ithmaar Bank branch.



  • Customer Summary
  • Balance Inquiry
  • Monthly Statement
  • Transaction Inquiry


  • Balance Inquiry
  • Certificate Listing
  • Monthly Statement
  • Transactions Inquiry


  • Balance Inquiry
  • Financing Information
  • Installments Listing
  • Monthly Statement
  • Transactions Inquiry

Credit Card

  • Balance Inquiry
  • Monthly Statement
  • Unbilled Transations
  • Payment to Credit Card

Utility Bill Payment

  • Bill Inquiry
  • Utility Bill Maintenance
  • Bill Payment by Account
  • Electricity and water bill.
  • Batelco
    • Bill inquiries
    • Bill payment
    • SIMSIM Refill
  • Zain
    • Bill inquiries
    • Bill payment
    • eezee Refill
  • VIVA
    • Bill inquiries
    • Bill payment
    • VIVA prepaid top-ups
  • Menatelcom
    • Bill inquiries
    • Bill payment
    • Prepaid top-ups

Funds Transfer

  • Fund Transfer Own Accounts
  • 3rd Party Ithmaar Accounts
  • 3rd Party External Accounts
  • Beneficiary Maintenance


  • MobiCash to my Mobile
  • MobiCash to 3rd party Mobile
  • Resend/Cancel Request
  • MobiCash beneficiary

SMS Authentication System

  • What is Ithmaar Bank's e-Banking SMS authentication system?

    New e-Banking SMS authentication system is a last generation security feature designed to protect Ithmaar Bank e-Banking application customers. Basically, Ithmaar Bank e-Banking customer will receive a one‐time usable, random generated code in a SMS sent to his/her recorded mobile number, for certain transactions. Once the SMS received, the code should be entered to the field on the screen to proceed with the transaction. If a wrong code is entered to the field, the system will not allow continuing with the transaction.

  • How the new security system will help Ithmaar Bank e-Banking customer?

    This is an additional security feature to Ithmaar e-Banking application. Even the Bank customer's user name and password is captured, the system will not allow any financial damages (money transfer to third Party accounts, bill payment transactions etc.) Assuming the mobile phone is with our real customer.

  • When should I expect to get my SMS?

    Our e-Banking customers will receive their codes instantly, e.g. 5 to 10 seconds.

  • Which transactions need SMS authentication password?

    Ithmaar Bank is starting the feature with third party money transfers, bill payment options, SMS banking subscription and beneficiary maintenance. But due to our flexible systems, it can be amended in the future with prior notice to our customers.

  • I did not get my SMS and I cannot proceed. What should I do?

    Our customers should wait for the SMS at least for 30 seconds, considering the heavy SMS traffic across mobile networks. If he/she still does not get the SMS, then our call center (+973 13 303030) should be called. Our call center will check several systems and solve the problem.

  • Do I have to subscribe for this security feature?

    No. All Ithmaar Bank e-Banking customers are enrolled automatically.

  • Is there any cost to use that service?

    No. The costs of the SMS's are covered by Ithmaar Bank.

  • Eligibility

    All Ithmaar Bank customers are eligible to get SMS Banking services

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