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Private Banking

Ithmaar Bank’s Private Banking Department serves high net worth individuals, family investment offices, corporate entities and Financial Institutions situated in those regions. The Department the provides personalised and private banking services, financial advice, and investment services for high net worth clients and institutions through a close understanding of clients’ needs and an ability to meet these needs proactively.
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Ithmaar Premier

A banking experience like no other. Celebrate your achievements with a banking experience suited to your level of success. Introducing Ithmaar Premier Banking. More than just a superior bank account, Ithmaar Premier delivers a full compliment of products and services to cover all your financial requirements, with enhanced features and privileges that match your status.
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Products & Services
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Story of our brand

Positioning Statement:

Ithmaar Bank is a dependable and responsive Islamic banking partner, with the financial strength and clear purpose to constantly aim higher and go further for those who expect more from both their bank and their life, to encourage, support and empower them to achieve more, grow, progress, prosper and succeed.

Brand Values:

Islamic principles

Our principles are rooted in our deep belief in Islamic faith and the ideals of honesty, respect, integrity, transparency and fairness in all that we do. These enduring principles are a fundamental way of life at Ithmaar Bank and we live by them every day.

Clear purpose

At Ithmaar Bank, we have a clear purpose – to always aim to be the most responsive, dependable and enduring Islamic financial partner for those who expect more from both their bank and their life – to encourage, support and empower them to achieve more, grow, progress, prosper and succeed.

Responsive action

We don't like having to wait for answers or solutions any more than our clients do, so we go about our business every day with an ongoing sense of urgency, always aiming to ensure that our actions and responses meet or exceed customer expectations.

Meaningful innovation

We believe innovation ultimately makes our client's lives easier, so we constantly seek out new ideas and solutions to implement, from leading-edge technology to simple, small operational enhancements that improve our day-to-day service and make banking with us less complicated and more pleasurable.

Higher ideals

We constantly strive to the ideal of being a better, more responsive Islamic financial organisation. Above all else, we aim to treat our customers, employees and communities the way we would like to be treated ourselves – and to make a real difference to the lives of those we work with, for and around.

Brand Essence:

At the heart of the Ithmaar Bank brand is a desire to be better – to change for the future and become a new market leader.