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Private Banking

Ithmaar Bank’s Private Banking serves the high net worth individuals, corporate entities, and institutional investors, providing exclusively sharia complaint products and client focused services.
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Ithmaar Premier

A banking experience like no other. Celebrate your achievements with a banking experience suited to your level of success. Introducing Ithmaar Premier Banking. More than just a superior bank account, Ithmaar Premier delivers a full compliment of products and services to cover all your financial requirements, with enhanced features and privileges that match your status.
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Products & Services
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Kindly use the below calculator to find out the maximum financing amount you are eligible for:

Salaried Bahraini
Salaried Expartiate
GCC National


The amount mentioned is for indicative purpose only. Please note as per Bank's policy, the maximum amount of BHD 60,000/- is for Bahrain Nationals Only. Maximum finance amount for Expats is BHD 25,000/-. The final finance amount is subject to the documents submitted and final bank approval.


eBanking is an electronic platform that enables you to conduct a wide range of transactions, including providing easy access to accounts, fund transfers and bill payments. Ithmaar Bank recently introduced new features to eBanking that can be utilised with convenience and ease.

  • Customer Summary
  • Balance Inquiry
  • Monthly Statement
  • Transactions Inquiry
  • Balance Inquiry
  • Certificate Listing
  • Monthly Statement
  • Transactions Inquiry
  • Outstanding balance Inquiry
  • Financing Information
  • Installment Listing
  • Monthly Statement
  • Transactions Inquiry
Credit Card & eCard
  • Balance Inquiry
  • Monthly Statement
  • Unbilled Transactions
  • Payment to Credit Card
  • Report loss of Credit Card
Debit Card
  • Cancel Debit Card
Standing Order Management
  • Initiate and manage standing order instructions (Internal accounts only)
  • Standing Order Inquiry
  • Own Account Standing Order
  • 3rd Party Ithmaar Account Standing Order
  • Deletion of Standing Order
  • Beneficiary Maintenance
Salary upload, payments for corporates & SMEs
  • Deposit and manage salaries of employees.
Utility bill payment
  • Bill Inquiries
  • Fawateer & Bill Payment
  • Utility Bill Maintenance

Fund Transfer

Ithmaar Bank implemented the Electronic Fund Transfer System (EFTS), which is a central system that can be utilised to control and manage fund movements between banks and service providers in Bahrain. The EFTS includes key services such as Fawri +, Fawri and Fawateer.

Fawri +:

This service will enable you to transfer funds to accounts in other banks in Bahrain within 30 seconds after the processing of the transaction. Fawri+ comes with a daily debit limit of BD 1,000 per account.

Transaction Type Fees
Up to BD100 No Fees
Above BD100 up to BD1,000 100 fils per transaction


This service caters to those customers who need to transfer funds that exceed BD 1,000 or wish to send bulk payments and do not require these funds to be sent within 30 seconds. There is no limit on the amounts that could be sent through Fawri service. Funds that are sent through this option will reach the beneficiary at the closest credit session time.

Time of Transaction from Sender Time of Credit to Beneficiary
Before 7:45 am 10:00 am
7:46 am – 12:15 pm 2:30 pm
After 12:15 pm 10:00 am next working day
Up to BD 100 No Fees
Above BD100 up to BD1,000 100 fils per transaction
Direct credit (salaries) 5 fils per transaction
Other than salaries 100 fils per transaction


Fawateer allows you to enquire about your bills and make payments to service providers including, but not limited to, telecommunication companies, Electricity & Water Authority (EWA) and others. Fawateer may be utilised through any of the Ithmaar Bank branches.


Ithmaar’s eStatement service allows you to view your account statements online with a few clicks. You can now get your Statements online and enjoy many benefits. All what you need to view your statements is to register online through the eStatement page or directly through the eBanking page.

ePin Generator

You can generate your own unique eBanking PIN (ePin) online, and enjoy full access to eBanking services from the comfort of your home. The free service is available through the Ithmaar Bank’s website, or directly through the eBanking page.


With Ithmaar’s ePayment service, you can use debit cards issued by any bank in Bahrain to pay all Ithmaar Bank Credit Card bills. You will be also able to top-up your eCard with the ePayment service.

To make any payments or to top-up your eCard, simply visit and enter your card number, I.D. number and follow the simple instructions.

IBAN Generator

The IBAN (International Bank Account Number) is a unique, internationally recognised number assigned to your account to be used for fund transfers between banks. You can generate your own IBAN by visiting You just need to enter the account number and the generator will automatically provide you with the IBAN, with accuracy guaranteed.

ATM Services

Ithmaar Bank currently offers round the clock ATM services to its customers from 48 different locations that have been strategically selected to comprehensively serve customers all over Bahrain.

The ATM network comprises of 18 onsite and 30 offsite ATMs, including 5 drive-thru ATMs.

In addition to features such as cash withdrawal, fund transfer and balance enquiry, the ATMs also provide facilities that are designed to bring about convenience to you such as:

Cheque Deposit - You may deposit cheques at ATMs and the amounts will be credited to your account the next working day. This service is currently available on selected ATMs.

Real-time Cash Deposit - Cash is credited to customer’s account instantly through Ithmaar Bank branches ATMs.

Information Update - Personal information such as your mobile number can be updated through the ATM instantly.


MobiCash service is Bahrain’s First Cardless cash withdrawal service. Through the Bank’s eBanking service, you can now send cash to any Bahraini mobile number and withdraw cash from any Ithmaar ATM without the use of a card. You can also send cash to your own mobile number. The receiver can withdraw the cash from the nearest Ithmaar Bank ATM with the MobiCash Code received via SMS.

With MobiCash, you can access money anywhere, with or without your wallet, free of charge.


Ithmaar prepaid eCard is designed exclusively for online payments. With real-time top-ups, the Ithmaar eCard makes online shopping more convenient and safer than ever before.

Real-time top-ups are available through eBanking, ePayment or the nearest branch.