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Private Banking

Ithmaar Bank’s Private Banking Department serves high net worth individuals, family investment offices, corporate entities and Financial Institutions situated in those regions. The Department the provides personalised and private banking services, financial advice, and investment services for high net worth clients and institutions through a close understanding of clients’ needs and an ability to meet these needs proactively.
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Ithmaar Premier

A banking experience like no other. Celebrate your achievements with a banking experience suited to your level of success. Introducing Ithmaar Premier Banking. More than just a superior bank account, Ithmaar Premier delivers a full compliment of products and services to cover all your financial requirements, with enhanced features and privileges that match your status.
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Products & Services
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Kindly use the below calculator to find out the maximum financing amount you are eligible for:

Salaried Bahraini
Salaried Expartiate
GCC National


The amount mentioned is for indicative purpose only. Please note as per Bank's policy, the maximum amount of BHD 60,000/- is for Bahrain Nationals Only. Maximum finance amount for Expats is BHD 25,000/-. The final finance amount is subject to the documents submitted and final bank approval.


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