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Private Banking

Ithmaar Bank’s Private Banking serves the high net worth individuals, corporate entities, and institutional investors, providing exclusively sharia complaint products and client focused services.
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Ithmaar Premier

A banking experience like no other. Celebrate your achievements with a banking experience suited to your level of success. Introducing Ithmaar Premier Banking. More than just a superior bank account, Ithmaar Premier delivers a full compliment of products and services to cover all your financial requirements, with enhanced features and privileges that match your status.
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Kindly use the below calculator to find out the maximum financing amount you are eligible for:

Salaried Bahraini
Salaried Expartiate
GCC National


The amount mentioned is for indicative purpose only. Please note as per Bank's policy, the maximum amount of BHD 60,000/- is for Bahrain Nationals Only. Maximum finance amount for Expats is BHD 25,000/-. The final finance amount is subject to the documents submitted and final bank approval.

Take advantage of our prestigious, Sharia-compliant, MasterCard Platinum Cards and their truly exceptional wealth of benefits. Indulge in a diverse range of privileges; such as exclusive services, extended warranties, and enhanced purchased protection.


  • Free access to selected airport lounges.
  • Accumulate Ithmaar Rewards loyalty points with each transactions, and redeem your points online to choose between 700 airlines, 150,000 hotels, car rental services, cash back or donations.
  • Salary transfer is not mandatory.
  • Free Life Takaful.
  • Minimum repayment of 5% of closing balance per month.
  • 25 days grace period from the statement date to pay that could go up to 55 days.
  • Cash withdrawal transactions up to 50% of the credit limit.
  • Attractive fees & charges.
  • Free supplementary Cards for family members.
  • Immediate access to ATMs worldwide.
  • Welcomed at outlets worldwide.
  • Fraud protection by MasterCard Secure Code using One Time Password (OTP).
  • Automatic enrollment in the MasterCard program which includes privileges and discounts from prestigious brands all around the world. Visit
  • Hotel discounts*

  • *To view hotel discount offerings from MasterCard, Please visit

Fees & Charges

  • No Membership fee.
  • No Annual fee.
  • BD 5 for replacement of the card.
  • BD 3 for Replacement of PIN.
  • BD 5 for Charge-back fee (for rejected claims only)
  • BD 3 for Cash advance fee
  • BD 5 for Late payment fee
  • Foreign currency conversion fee 1.5%
Credit Card Eligibility Criteria
Click Here to Download PDF
  Bahraini Expatriate GCC National Business Owners
& High Net worth
Age when applying 21 21 21 21 21
Valid Id          
CR Copy          
Latest Pay Slip          
Salary Certificate          
Bank Statement 3 Months 3 Months 3 Months 6 Months 3 Months
  Gold Titanium Platinum
Min. Credit Limit BD 200 BD 600 BD 1,000
Max. Credit Limit BD 3,000 BD 20,000 BD 35,000
Monthly Service Fee BD 33 BD 220 BD 385
Cash Withdrawal Limit 40% of limit 50% of limit 50% of limit

Airport Lounge access

Present your Platinum MasterCard and enjoy free of charge access up to three times a year to more than 900 key airport lounges in more than 415 cities in over 135 countries worldwide. To view the list of lounges, visit

In addition to the lounge key access, you will also be able to access the below lounges:


Cairo International Airport, First Class Lounges at Terminal 1 and 3


Queen Alia International Airport Amman, Petra Lounge


Kuwait International Airport, MasterCard Lounge (Pearl Metro Lounge)

Saudi Arabia:

Jeddah International Airport, First Class Lounge (Foreign Airline - North Terminal)

Dubai International Airport:
  • - Marhaba Lounge

    • Terminal 1 (Concourse C)

    • Terminal 2 (Departure Area)

    • Terminal 3 (Concourse A, B)

  • - Business class lounge, Terminal 1 (Concourse D).

Dubai Al Maktoum International:
  • - Marhaba Lounge, Passenger Terminal.

Abu Dhabi International Airport, MasterCard Diamond Lounge at the VIP Terminal

Points Calculator

To calculate your Ithmaar Rewards loyalty points, please refer to the below information:

Description Ithmaar Rewards Points
Points accumulated
(Within Bahrain)
1 point per
BD 1
Points accumulated
(Outside Bahrain)
1.25 points per
BD 1
Click Here to Download Ithmaar Rewards loyalty points PDF

Most common Asked Question (FAQ)

How does your New Credit Card Work ?

Upon acceptance of the credit card application, a card will be issued to the customer with an assigned credit limit, based on which the customer will be able to utilise the card. On monthly basis and specifically the 16th of each month, the cardholder will receive a statement, which explains the details of each transaction and the total amount due.

The Credit Card will have a fixed monthly fee that will be charged to the cardholder for being able to utilise its features and benefits. Every credit card has a fixed monthly fee, and the cardholder is required to pay it on monthly basis. However, the Bank has the full right to waive the monthly fee fully or partially, as it sees appropriate.

How do I know how much I have to pay ?

On monthly basis, you will receive an eStatement via your email where all the information related to your card will be provided, including the monthly amount due that you are supposed to pay.

What is the minimum payment Due?

The minimum amount you need to pay on or before the due date, which is 5% of the closing balance, or BD 10 , whichever is higher. If you only pay the Minimum Amount Due , remaining balance will be carried over to the next statement, and the Ujrah fee will be charged . If you are not be able to pay the Minimum Amount Due by the Payment Due Date, a late payment fee of BD 5 will be charged to your account.

When is late payment charge levied ?

In case you fail to make a payment of the minimum amount due before the due date, late payment of BD 5 will be charged and will be billed in the subsequent statement.

How much of my card credit limit can I use for cash advance transaction ?
  • For Gold Card, you can withdraw cash up to 40% of your credit limit.
  • For Titanium Card, you can withdraw cash up to 50% of your credit limit.
  • For Platinum Card, you can withdraw cash up to 50% of your credit limit.
  • For your World Card, you can withdraw cash up to 50 % of your credit limit.
When will I receive my credit card eStatement ?

Your credit card statement is generated on monthly basis, and on a specific date that is indicated on your statement as “Statement Date”. The statement is sent to your email address that you have provided to the Bank. If you did not receive your monthly statement within 10 days from the said date, kindly contact the Call Centre on 13303030 and we will provide you with the necessary information that you need.

What happens if I lose my card or if my card is stolen?

In case of card loss or stolen, please notify Ithmaar Bank immediately by calling the Call Centre on 13303030. Accordingly, we will take the necessary actions and will block your card. This will protect you from any subsequent unauthorised use of your card and will enable us to issue you a replacement card.

How many supplementary cards I can issue for my family members?

You may request for unlimited number of supplementary credit card for your family members. That includes your parent, daughter, son, brother, sister, and wife.

How do I apply for a credit card and what is the eligibility criteria?

You can apply for Ithmaar Bank credit cards via any of the following channels:

  • Calling Ithmaar Bank Call Centre on 13303030.
  • Visit any of our branches

The eligibility criteria for each card may differ.

How should an EMV Chip & PIN Card be used using POS (Point of Sales) machine?

You can sue your credit card, following the following steps:

1) Ensure the merchant inserts your card inside the POS terminal

2) Confirm the amount is correct,and enter your 4-digit Card PIN to authorise the transaction.

3) Remove the card when the transaction is complete and the machine request you to do so.

4) It is recommended to maintain the received POS machine receipt and compare it with the SMS message that you will receive from your Bank on the same transaction.

How do I pay my credit card monthly due?

You can make the monthly payment towards your credit card by several ways such as:

    1) Standing instruction to debit your Account and credit your Card Account, using your ePIN that is generated by Ithmaar Bank, and make the payment. The standing instruction, can be either for full amount due or minimum amount due.

    2) Online payment, by visiting our website. All you need to do is to log in to your eBanking account using your ePIN and proceed with paying the desired amount.

Do I have to have an account with Ithmaar Bank in order to avail credit card?

You can apply for Ithmaar Bank credit card even if you do not have an account with the Bank. In such a case, you may pay your credit card dues using any other debit card account issued in Bahrain.

How do I read my eStatement?

Your eStatement is divided mainly into three parts. The first part informs you about major information associated with your Credit Card such as,

  • Your Card number
  • Date of the issued statement
  • Card Currency
  • Credit limit
  • Beginning balance and closing balance
  • Monthly Service fee
  • Discount
  • Monthly fee due

The second part of the statement has a detailed itinerary of your transaction, the date of each transaction, previous payments, any fees charged, the amount of transaction, and the currency.

The last part has information regarding your statement Ending Balance, Due Date and Amount Due (minimum payment required)

I have not received my monthly eStatement, what can I do?

In case of non – receipt of your eStatement, you may take the following steps:

1) Call our Call Centre on 13 303030 and provide them with your email address. If you already provided you email address, please verify that the given email address is correct.

2) You may also log in into your eBankingaccount via Ithmaar Bank website, and print the desired card statement for any month.

What is Card contactless feature?

Bahrain market is heading towards cards contactless feature. If your card has a contactless feature, you do not have to insert your card in the POS (Point of Sales) machine. By taping the card on the machine, the transaction will pass. This is if the transaction value is below the agreed amount of BD 20. Otherwise, the POS (Point of Sales) machine will request you to insert the Card and use the Card PIN.

What is OTP (One Time Password)?

For the purpose of protecting our cardholders while engaging in online transaction, One Time Password (OTP) service has been introduced by the Bank. Should the cardholder use his card online, he will be requested to enter a password. Ithmaar Bank will send the cardholders via SMS a One Time Password (OTP) to be used for that particular transaction. The OTP has a very short time validity.