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Private Banking

Ithmaar Bank’s Private Banking serves the high net worth individuals, corporate entities, and institutional investors, providing exclusively sharia complaint products and client focused services.
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Ithmaar Premier

A banking experience like no other. Celebrate your achievements with a banking experience suited to your level of success. Introducing Ithmaar Premier Banking. More than just a superior bank account, Ithmaar Premier delivers a full compliment of products and services to cover all your financial requirements, with enhanced features and privileges that match your status.
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Thimaar Account
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Another year of winning awaits you with Thimaar!

Save only BD30 in your Thimaar and Thimaar Junior account and you’ll be eligible for entry into several draws. Make 2018 the year you join over 4,000 cash prize winners and claim your share of over $3 million in prizes. Thimaar offers you many opportunities to win from a large number of prizes throughout the year.

The more you save and the longer you maintain your account, the better your chances of winning.

The ideal time to open your Thimaar account is today!

  • Can be opened in Bahraini Dinars only.
  • Profit will be distributed monthly (similar to normal saving accounts).
  • Normal saving account profit rates will apply.
  • Thimaar Account can be opened in the name of Individuals, Joint Personal, Sole Proprietorship, Body Corporate or any other legal entity.
  • eStatement of Accounts will be issued every month.
  • Free access to eBanking channels and Mobile Banking.
  • With our eBanking services, you can now transfer funds* free of charge from your Thimaar account to any of your other accounts at Ithmaar Bank.

    *Terms and conditions:

  • Up to three fund transfer transactions from Thimaar Account per month.
  • No restrictions on transferred amounts.
  • BD 1 fee will apply for fund transfers made through branches.

Prize Scheme

Thimaar Account
  Number of Winners Prize per Winner Total Winners
Monthly 1
Monthly Juniors 100 $250 1,200
Grand Prize 1 $250,000 3
Eid Al Fitr 600 $500 600
Eid Al Adha 600 $500 600
National Day 400 $500 400
Total 4,015


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Deposits and unrestricted investment accounts held with Ithmaar Bank in the Kingdom are covered by the Regulation Protecting Deposits and Unrestricted Investment Accounts issued by the Central Bank of Bahrain in accordance with Resolution No.(34) of 2010.

Document Individual
/ Joint
Companies Non-Profit
Smart card        
Passport (Non-Bahrainis)        
Commercial Registration (CR) or Certificate of Incorporation        
Banking License        
Partnership Agreement (only in case of Partnership Companies)        
Board Resolution        
Memorandum of Association        
Articles of Association        
Smart card of all Authorised Signatories and Passports (for non-Bahrainis)        
List of Directors Names, Country of Residence and Nationality        
Details / Smart cards of the Shareholders Holding more than 20% of the Issued Capital        
Latest Financial Report        
AML/KYC Questionnaire        
Authorized Signatory Booklet        
Approval of the Concerned Authority        

General Criteria

  • Applicant must be 18 years old or above.
  • The minimum deposit amount required to enter the draw is BD 30, maintained as an average daily balance.
Winner List
Draw Dates

Monthly Draws: Simply maintain an average balance of BD30 (minimum amount) in your account for a month.

Dates Thimaar Account Draws
6 February 2018 Monthly
6 March 2018 Monthly
9 April 2018 Monthly
7 May 2018 Monthly
5 June 2018 Monthly
4 July 2018 Monthly
7 August 2018 Monthly
5 September 2018 Monthly
8 October 2018 Monthly
6 November 2018 Monthly
5 December 2018 Monthly
7 January 2019 Monthly

Special Draws: Every account with a minimum balance of BD30 for the 30 day period preceding the special promotion raffle will be eligible to enter the draw.

Dates Special Draws
9 April 2018 Grand Prize 1
5 June 2018 Eid Al Fitr
4 July 2018 Grand Prize 2
7 August 2018 Eid Al Adha
8 October 2018 Grand Prize 3
5 December 2018 National Day